Xachoh pronounced (Za-Ko) is imbued with a rich and compelling heritage in herbal remedies dating back centuries to ancient Persia, an era of great learning and discovery. It was here that scholars such as Avicenna conceived the foundations of the modern distillation process and Zakariya Razi discovered alcohol though he did not drink! It’s also the birthplace of the founder’s family, where six generations have handed down the secrets, skills and knowledge to create purposeful, pure and naturally alcohol-free spirits infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices of the legendary Silk Road.


Fast forward from ancient Persia to the UK and the birthplace of Xachoh, created for the truly adventurous spirit of today. Authentically distilled using only premium purposeful herbs and spices to our traditional recipes, our non-alcoholic spirits have been artfully re-imagined and re-presented by leading taste specialists for an exciting and contemporary alcohol-free drinking experience.

Free from alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories and extracts, Xachoh offers the genuine feel-good factor: An exciting alternative ritual, a new, pure sensory ‘lift’ and a truly enlightening moment...


Our name Xachoh pronounced (Za-Ko) was inspired from:

  • Xachoh : stands for the name of Zakariya Razi who discovered alcohol but he did not drink!

  • CHO: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen combination is featured as a chemical formula of most herbs and spices.

  • CHOH: C2H5OH is the chemical formula of alcohol which we exclude in our drinks!

Xachoh alcohol-free spirits are more than "Just a non-alcoholic spirit" due to their pure sensory ‘lift’ and 'purposeful' botanicals that create a truly enlightening drinking experience. As such, we chose Huma, a Persian mythical bird which is the symbol of enlightenment and upliftment. The Huma bird was reputed to spend its entire life in the air, sailing above everything in an elevated position. A sighting is said to bring happiness and good fortune. Huma means “spirit of the water” and so becomes a fitting metaphor for Xachoh's brand. Huma's lower body is depicted as a still and balanced on a stand in the shape of 'X' signifying "a serious and adultified drink". Drawing on our unique distillation method influenced by Avicenna's method, the still illustrates gentle steaming and distillation of the natural and premium 'Silk Road' botanicals.


We celebrate this unique illustration and display it on 70cl bottles of Xachoh with 21 carat gold. After all, if we use premium ingredients inside our bottles, why stop there!


Mohamad Djahanbakhsh founded Xachoh (Za-Ko) after years of research and development. His upbringing was heavily influenced by his ancesterol passion for promoting good health, great taste and happiness.  


His family for six generations developed tasty health remedies made from Silk Road herbs and spices to 'enhance health and enrich lifestyle'. His family business values were firmly placed around high quality, premium and value for money products. 

Mohamad spent a large part of his career in international businesses delivering innovative value for money products and services to businesses and consumers. Spending much of his time with diverse cultures and backgrounds, he observed the lack of tasty, non-alcoholic, purposeful spirits that were genuinely value for money. He set about creating Xachoh's alcohol-free spirits, initially, from his family home in Northamptonshire, leaning heavily on his ancestors' recipes followed by collaboration with international taste experts in England to create the contemporary taste of Xachoh non-alcoholic spirits. 

What customers say

Fantastic value , great taste. Highly recommended!