Mesmerising yellow colour of Turmeric

A Silk Route spice with a mesmerising yellow colour that is used in most Persian dishes and prescribed as a herbal remedy for thousands of years by Persian herbalists owing to its strong antioxidant properties. Turmeric is a plant native to SouthEast Asia, it is a flowering plant from ginger family and is a natural source of Curcumin. Turmeric is often used as a spice for cooking. Curcumin also gives Turmeric its beautiful golden yellow colour. It has been used in cooking, dying fabrics and herbal remedies in Persia for 1000’s of years. Persians fried their onions with turmeric and pepper to reduce the harmful effects of the fat in their food. It tastes earthy, warm and slightly gingery bitter.

Owing to its anti-oxidant properties, Curcumin derived from turmeric has been subject of many articles claiming its health properties such as diabetes, Alzheimers, depression, upset stomach, anti-inflammatory pain relief, arthritis, gallstones and liver disorders. BBC website, “Trust me, I am a doctor” page concludes: eating small amounts of turmeric regularly may have a positive impact on your health and Turmeric could help protect us from a range of chronic diseases.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal titled, "Common Indian Spice Stirs Hope," research activity into curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is exploding. This spice is recommended by the World Health Organization with detailed research results and various reference points on its Experimental pharmacology relating to anti-inflammatory activity, activity against peptic ulcer and dyspepsia adding credibility to some of the various claims around turmeric health properties. Piperine a compound of pepper combined with turmeric help to bind fats and aid absorption of fat into our guts as such Persian apothecary and cooking used turmeric and black pepper together in herbal remedies and dishes.

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