Miracles of rosemary plant

Ever wondered why Acciaroli in south west Italy is home to an extraordinarily high number of centenarians? It is the place where scientists from Rome’s Sapineza University and the San Diego School of Medicine scratched their heads for more than six months on-site to research and discover why one in 10 residents live longer than 100 years. As the researchers did not find any fountains of youth, they focused on the diet of residents and discovered that elderly residents in the region have an unusually good blood circulation for their age.

Further studies showed the common factor in the residents' diet was a high amount of rosemary herbs in their everyday food.

Of course a closer look at the Persian herbalists' history would have given them more background into miracles of the rosemary plant which was used by Avicenna in his herbal therapies. It was widely used in cooking, distillates, teas and even in herbal baths.

Persians believed in the healing and boosting properties of rosemary, some of which were thought to be:

  • Boosting memory; it is widely believed that rosemary can improve concentration and memory. Greek students placed a sprig of rosemary behind their ear when studying for tests. Persian herbalists frequently used rosemary in aromatherapy to improve the quality of their patients' concentration.

  • Mood boosting and reducing stress; Persian herbalists advised their patients to rub rosemary oil on their wrists to reduce anxiety. Other similar treatments included placing dried rosemary in cotton bags and placing them under patients' pillows to improve sleep after a stressful day.

  • Improve mental energy; a whiff of pungent rosemary has been known to remove feelings of boredom.

  • Enhance blood circulation; Persian herbalists regularly recommended rosemary baths to their patients to improve blood circulation.

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