Xachoh spirits don't need extracts and flavourings!

There was a time that if you tried a food or drink, and it tasted of herbs and spices then it was genuinely herbs and spices. A time when you smelt the aroma in your drink, it was from real and natural botanicals. Those times are quickly being forgotten and quality food and product ingredients are being replaced with lower cost imitations and alternatives such as "extracts and flavourings". Why does it matter? Well, for starters, if we are paying premium price then you should expect and indeed receive quality natural ingredients not their extracts (often made by using solvent such as alcohol) or flavourings. Other considerations are the impact of any such artificial products on our bodies as well as being assured that we are getting 100% authentic taste and aroma and not something that is produced to imitate them.

Xachoh distill premium and purposeful Silk Road botanicals to produce a complex and mouth watering taste with a sensory lift. We apply distillation methods used by our founder's family and Avicenna (Persian scholar who conceived the modern distillation process) to deliver a truly enlightening moment. Our founder's firm belief in delivering highest quality ingredients and process means that we do not need to use any extracts and/or

flavourings as we invest heavily in using natural botanical distillates instead of extracts and/or flavourings.