Non-alcoholic spirit

Gift with purpose!

Gift the Enlightened Spirits of Persia and share the natural flavours of exotic Silk Road botanicals in serves and cocktails. What better way to gift our full range?

This luxurious gift box opens to reveal three 35cl bottles of Xachoh non-alcoholic spirits (2x Blend No. 5 and 1 x Blend No. 7).  The gift box is a strong, sturdy black magnetic gift box (matt external finish with the exquisite gold logo of Xachoh Huma bird and with a black internal lining). 


Blend No. 5: Xachoh Blend Number 5 is a 35 cl/350 ml clear non-alcoholic spirit, distilled from purposeful and premium Silk Road's botanicals: Star Anise, Ginger, Camomile, Long Pepper, Turmeric, Barberry and Rosemary. Blend Number 5 has a complex aroma. The freshness of star anise is the backbone, but this is rounded out by the spicy warmth of ginger, the fragrance of long pepper, and the sweet honeyed notes of camomile. The palate is softer than the nose. The refreshing acidity gives way to a perfectly integrated blend of the spices, leaving a long aftertaste.


Blend No. 7: Xachoh Blend Number 7 is a 35 cl/350 ml dark non-alcoholic spirit, distilled from purposeful and premium Silk Road's botanicals: Ginger, Mace, Cinnamon, Crystal Dark Malt, Star Anise, Saffron and Sumac. Blend Number 7 has a warm spiced nose, the ginger and mace coming to the fore, the fragrant cinnamon completing the winter spiciness, whilst the crystal malt adds a sweet richness. The palate has a lovely sweetness from the cinnamon, the other spices complement this beautifully.


  • ALCOHOL-FREE SPIRIT – Discover Xachoh Spirits, alcohol free spirits distilled from purposeful and premium Silk Road botanicals.
  • AN ENLIGHTENING DRINKING EXPERIENCE – The perfect non-alcoholic cocktail base and alcohol-free alternative to gin, vodka, white rum, tequila, dark rum, whiskey, brandy or cognac mocktails (see our mocktail recipes here) for  parties, family gatherings and those special occasions that require a more premium option.
  • VERSATILE AND FLAVOURSOME – Our 0% alcohol spirits have a distinctive and luxurious aroma. Uncover the exotic flavours of Silk Road in every sip.