Serenade your senses with exotic Silk Road botanicals, distilled and blended in Xachoh spirits - Non-Alcoholic Spirit in London - for moments of enlightenment. Learn more about each purposeful botanical in Xachoh spirits, their use in our founder's family health remedies/spirits and their provenance in Persia. 




Famed as the most expensive spice in the world & known as "Red Gold", used by Alexander the Great - King of Persia - as a herbal remedy. The founder's ancestors prescribed it as a 'mood improver'.  Brings a beautiful colour and an amazing aroma to food & drink. Distilled in Blend No. 7.



A Silk Road spice and a similar flavour to nutmeg but more delicate and exceedingly more expensive. Wealthy Persians used it as an intoxicant. The founder's ancestors prescribed them as a relaxant and for de-stressing. Distilled in Blend No. 7 for its warmth, spice and subtle fruitiness.



With its incredible ruby red berries sumac has been used for its health properties as long ago as 2000 years by 

Persian herbalists. Used by the founder's family to lower cholesterol. Distilled in Blend No. 7 for its refreshing acidity & lemony zing.



Malted from Barley and prized for its antioxidant properties by Persians. Distilled in Blend No. 7 (free from gluten) for its delicious toasted notes and a real depth of flavour, similar to that of a well-aged dark spirit.



An evergreen, fragrant, 

colourful and attractive garden plant in its own right. An ancient herb cherished by Persian herbalists for improving memory, is unforgettable! The founder's family used it as a  memory booster to bring  focus to mind. Distilled in Blend No. 5 for its acidity and intense flavour.



These ruby like berries are referenced as a super ingredient in Persian apothecary notes and served in Persian dishes during weddings so that its sour taste reminds us that life is not always a bed of roses! The founder's family used it as an antioxidant. Distilled in Blend No. 5 for its refreshing

acidity  and intensity.



'An apple a day, keeps the doctor away' is a famous saying. Apple cultivation moved westward in ancient times & spread north along the various branches of the Silk Trade Route. Blended in Blend No. 7 with Hibiscus for its beautiful colour.

Star Anise 3.jpg


The star of Silk Road spices, it brings the most incredible aroma and taste to Xachoh spirits. Used as a relaxant remedy by the founder's ancestors and in Persian spice mix called Advieh. Distilled in Blend No. 5 & 7 for its sweet flavour offering a heady scent, but without being overpowering on the palate.

Cinnamon sticks


One of the most delicious, aromatic and healthiest spices of the Silk Road, valued for its medicinal and cooking properties by Persian herbalists & chefs. Used by the founder's ancestors as a memory booster. Distilled in Blend No. 7 for its sweet flavour and aroma.



A Silk Route spice with a

mesmerising yellow colour that is used in most Persian dishes and prescribed as a herbal remedy for thousands of years by Persian herbalists owing to its strong antioxidant properties. It is distilled in Blend No. 5 for its warmth & depth of flavour.

ginger 2.jpg


A Silk Route spice and heralded by Persian herbalists as having incredible healing properties. The founder's  family used it mainly for relaxant & digestive remedies. Distilled in Blend No. 5 & 7 for its beautifully rounded spicy warmth and subtle fruitiness.



A small, beautiful, creeping plant with daisy like flowers.

The founder's family used it for its calming and relaxant benefits and reducing stress. Distilled in Blend No. 5 for its honeyed taste notes &  offers the slight touch of sweetness that helps to bring a gentle creaminess to the palate.

top view of long pepper or piper longum


Spicier, rare, more aromatic & pricier than black pepper, it is a small climber. Each plant delivers a few fruits at a time. It found its way to Persia via Silk Road exports. The founder's family used pepper to boost the absorption of curcumin in turmeric & as a relaxant. 

Distilled in Blend No. 5 for its  fragrance, warmth and depth.



An exotic & spectacular flowering but easy to grow plant. Used by Persians to maintain a normal body temperature and also used by the founder's family in "Torsh" (Sour) tea for normal blood pressure maintenance. Blended in Blend No. 7  for its beautiful colour.